St.Bede’s Church History

1959 – St. Bede’s Church consecration

In 1959 Bishop Flynn consecrated and opened a beautiful new Roman Catholic church on Wigton Road, dedicated to St. Bede. The church is the worthy successor of the school chapel founded by Canon Luke Curry in 1866 to serve the Catholics of West Carlisle.

2006 – St. Bede’s Church Rededication

On Wednesday, 26th April 2006, St. Bede’s Church had a solemn Mass of rededication. The principal celebrant was the Right Reverend Patrick O’Donoghue, Bishop of Lancaster.

2009 – St. Bede’s Golden Jubilee

Celebrations to mark the 50th birthday of St. Bede’s Church were held during the week 14th – 20th June 2009. The historians would advise that this was some five months early, however the weather in June is likely to be better than November, and Fr Jim Allen has always an eye for the heating costs. The week commenced with First Holy Communions on the Feast of Corpus Christi. A buffet for the First Communicants, teas, coffee and soft drinks for the parents, relations, friends and the parishioners was held in the Parish Centre and spilled onto the lawns as the sun shone. Monday saw the Union of Catholic Mothers host an ecumenical service followed by a social gathering in the Parish Centre. Mass for the sick and housebound was celebrated on Tuesday afternoon. The Sacrament of the Sick was administered to those who wanted to receive this Sacrament. The invitations included members of St Edmund’s Parish and also St Cuthbert’s Wigton, and Fr Peter Hart was in attendance. A buffet and social gathering in the Parish Centre followed. The main event was held on Friday evening when Bishop Michael was the principal celebrant at the Jubilee Mass. There were 18 priests concelebrating Mass; these were priests who had served in St Bede’s and St Edmund’s, priests ordained from the Parish, and priests from the Deanery. Almost 300 parishioners and friends turned out for this star-studied occasion.

Miss Mary Cully and Mrs Jessie Wilson received the Bene Merenti Medal from Bishop Michael. Local shops have registered an increased demand for Brasso! Mrs Wilson’s present husband, Gordon sported his Bene Morenti medal presented some time ago in another parish. The evening was rounded off with a superb buffet, provided by parishioners and organised by Cath Arabi. Bishop Michael cut the Jubilee Cake, prepared by Rafal Budzynski and family: and it appeared that the Polish members of the community received bigger pieces than the rest of us! The school choir, led by Miss Battle, Headteacher, sang at the First Communion Celebration and at The Mass for the Sick and Housebound and was brilliant. The children joined forces with the church choir for the Jubilee Mass and produced a memorable evening of music. A parish dinner was organised for Saturday evening and was supported by a good cross-section of the parish. This occasion provided an opportunity to unwind after a hectic week. It was a very pleasant evening with not a sausage roll in sight! Fr Jim Allen said that this week of celebration had been a resounding success; I have heard no one disagree. Miss Mary Cully, enthused by the Golden Jubilee is hoping to form a committee to plan the Centenary Celebrations in 2059, a date for the diary. Look here to read Bishop Campbell’s homily. Look here to see the photos gallery of the celebration


THE SICK: Please pray for all the Sick: Betty McLachlan, Edna Clarke, Martin & Peggy Rooney, Irene McNarney, Gillian Parnaby, Brian Beck and Hilary Graham. more

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