Benemerente medal to St Bede’s and St Edmund’s Parishes

Following the merger of St Bede’s and St Edmund’s Parishes, Carlisle in July, there was a great day of celebration as it was announced that 3 of our parishioners were awarded the Benemerente Medal in recognition of their outstanding service over a period of some 150 years combined.

Twins Brigid and Patrick Francis McGoldrick (known as Pat) of St Edmund’s Church and Janice Jackson long time organist of St Bede’s Church. It was particularly poignant in the case of Pat McGoldrick whose award was made posthumously on the day of his funeral.

All three are very deserving because they used their gifts for the benefit of the parish community often without counting the cost to themselves. As with many who receive this award, they were the last to expect it.

Thank God for their grace and good works.

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