Mass / Confession Timings

Regular Mass Times:

Saturday 6.00pm St Bede’s
7.30pm St Bede’s Hall
Sunday 9.30am St Edmund’s
11.00am St Bede’s
Monday No Mass St Bede’s
Tuesday 6.45pm St Edmund’s
7.00pm St Edmund’s
Wednesday 8.00am St Bede’s
Thursday 6pm-7pm St Bede’s
7.00pm St Bede’s
Friday 9.15am St Bede’s
Saturday 9:15am St Edmund’s
6.00pm St Bede’s
7.30pm St Bede’s Hall
Sunday 9.30am11.00am St Edmund’s St Bede’s

Confessions are as follows:

Saturday – St Edmund’s after 0915 Mass on request

Saturday – St Bede’s – 1200 – 1230 & 1700 – 1730

Mass times for Holy Week are as follows:

Holy Thursday: Last Supper – 7pm – St Bede’s

Good Friday: 3pm – St Bede’s and St Edmund’s

Holy Saturday: 8pm – Easter Vigil – St Edmund’s and 11pm – AL night vigil – St Bede’s

Easter Sunday: 09:30am – St Edmund’s and 1:00 am – St Bede’s.