Minutes of the Cumbrian Martyrs PPC Meeting 28th September 2017

The meeting opened with a prayer

Present: Fr Jim, David Armstrong, Deacon Frank Bell, Maureen Dickinson,  Ged Feeney, Kevin Hilton, Mandy Howes, Barry Johnston, Christine Jones, Allen Langford, Joe McGarry, Clare Routledge, John Rumney, Chris Sawyers.

Apologies: Tom Kelly

The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed by Fr Jim

Matters Arising:

As the minutes are placed on the notice boards before the next meeting when they are agreed upon and signed as a true record, there may be some inaccuracies. It was agreed that a note to highlight this would be added at the end of the minutes to inform people.

Finance Report:

A Finance Report from David Carrick was read out at the meeting.


 Parish Finances:

The accounts of St Bede’s and St Edmunds have been merged and at the end of August, the balance was £100,828.58. a sum of £60,000 is to be invested.

The cost of St Bede’s floor was £5000.

The necessary expenditure on Health and safety Issues are resolved and the parish should be able to function on income received.

Finance committee:

The committee will meet in October to establish financial protocols and a declaration of interest register.

The audit of Gift Aid in the parish which is carried out by the Diocese is ongoing.

A full copy of this report can be found in the PC minutes file.

 Fr Jim requested that ‘Any Declaration of Interest’ should be added to our minute’s agenda following ‘Apologies’

  • Kevin said that the cost of cutting the trees down at St Edmund’s would be £1,500
  • The full cost of St Bedes school heating system has been covered and no longer require financial help from the PPC.

Safeguarding Report:

A Safeguarding Report from Tina Battle was read out at the meeting.


There are currently two people having DBS checks. All others involved with children and vulnerable adults have had DBS check completed.

Tina attended a Domestic abuse course which was very informative and provided many avenues of support if they are needed for parishioners.

Our two churches are to run their safeguarding separately for the foreseeable future.

There is no requirement for the Safeguarding Representative to be on the parish council as they are under the direct line management of the Diocese.

A full copy of this report can be found in the PC minutes file

Health and Safety Report:

Kevin said everything is fine here and there is nothing to report.

Buildings Report:

Kevin reported that the only necessary work required was the planned tree surgery at St Edmunds, which will take place when we have the local authorities’ permission.

The parquet floor maintenance at St Bede’s has been successfully completed and the boiler is working ok.

  • Fr Jim thanked Kevin for all the Health & Safety and building work he has carried out.

Deanery Pastoral Council:

Barry reported that their last meeting had to be canceled as there were not enough members to form a quorum.

Their main itinerary was to be about the music day and involving other churches. As Fr Jerome Ainsworth who was to be looking into this is unwell it was decided not to involve them.

The Deanery minutes are to be posted on the notice boards.

Proposed Constitutions of sub committees:


        ChairDeacon Frank

        Members – Fr Jim, Ged, Joe, David, Clare, and Mandy

  1. Mission:

   Chair – Alan

   Members – Fr Jim, Joe, Mandy

  1. Social:

         Chair – Barry

   Members – Alan, Mandy

  1. Buildings:

Chair – Kevin

            Members – John, Chris, Alan

Fr Jim outlined what the four sub committees would be involved with

  • Worship/Sacramental: Special masses eg:

In November a mass to remember loved ones who have died

  • Mission: Evangelising ‘Spreading the Good News’ with leaflets ( parish magazine) delivering to new and local houses. Pilgrimages.
  • Social: Theme nights etc
  • Buildings: parish maintenance

The constitutions were proposed by Ged Feeney and seconded by Barry Johnston

Proposal to support Mandy’s planned mission to Africa:

Mandy told us how she would like to do volunteer work for the sisters of Mercy in Zambia  -outreach work community children’s nursing  – health promotion and Immunisation clinics.

The total money needed to be able to accomplish this is £2600  this includes the donation of £1500 to the sisters.

Various ways of fundraising were suggested but Fr Jim said that the parish would be unable to contribute any money from its funds as it would be at risk of setting a precedent.

Mandy plans on going in February and staying 4-6 weeks.

Parish Magazine

After seeing the parish magazine of ‘Our Lady of Eden’, Maureen suggested that a parish magazine could be a good way of letting people know of all the good and different activities and events that have happened and are about to happen in the parish. It would also be a way informing people of the various groups and help to encourage others in many ways.  This would be an annual publication to start with which she has agreed to collate and put together.

Dementia Awareness

Kevin gave a report on the Churches together in Cumbria’s mission to make every church in Cumbria Dementia friendly by 2020

Kevin is to make an appeal on their behalf at all three masses this weekend, helping to make people more aware of a very real and growing problem for our society.


The parish website, thanks to Francis, is up and running. It was suggested that he might appreciate some assistance with such a time consuming task and Allen is willing to help, Fr Jim will introduce him.

The rotas for ministers are to go on the website along with the bulletin. This will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Joe asked if the parish could support Newman School by providing a morale boost to staff members. It is proposed that this would be done by providing two tables at the Pea and Pie supper- which is to raise funds for their new Chapel- at St Margaret Mary’s parish centre. The cost for this would be £500.

The motion was proposed by Fr Jim and seconded by Ged Feeney.

Masses this Christmas need to be arranged differently as there will only be Fr Jim

Fr Norman is helping out elsewhere. Fr Jim Suggested 6pm Christmas eve at St Bedes and 9:30am Christmas morning at St Edmunds. Everyone thought that was a good arrangement.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 18th January at 7:45 pm

 Venue: St Bedes

 Any inaccuracies contained in these minutes will be corrected at the next meeting.


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