Mission Review

August 2008 – The Diocese of Lancaster published Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue’s powerful new book, Fit for Mission?

Church Nine months in preparation, Fit for Mission? Church presents Bishop Patrick’s first considered response to the sixteen month consultation process examining the sacramental and missionary life of all the 108 parishes of the Diocese of Lancaster. In the same straightforward and honest style as his Vatican-acclaimed teaching document, Fit for Mission? Schools, his latest ongoing formation document highlights good things that are going on in the life of the Church, points out where things have gone wrong, and offers practical suggestions on how to uphold and strengthen our Catholic identity. Bishop Patrick takes an unflinching look at the hard questions that have arisen since the close of the Second Vatican Council. One of the over-arching questions the Bishop raises is, ‘Why has the post-conciliar period been a time of both faithful implementation and brazen dissent in the life of the Church; a time of confidence and communion, but also of confusion and discord?’

Fit For Mission? Church Press Release
Fit For Mission? Church Cover
Fit For Mission? Church

February 2008 – Mgr Canon Aidan J. Turner, Responds to Parish Responses
In reply to our Parish response, Mgr Canon Aidan J.Turner, as Chairman of ‘Fit for Mission?’ has written thanking those who have invested time and energy in responding to the initial draft proposals. It has been recognised that in some parishes the proposals have caused some common concerns and crticisms; these have been responded to in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Reply to Parish Responses
Fit For Misson? – Frequently Asked Questions – Responses
Fit for Mission? – Glossary of Terms
November 2007 – Initial Draft Proposals

The initial draft proposals have been received for North and West Cumbria. The Core Group and the Mission Review Team have been charged by the Bishop with initiating the consultation and pastoral planning for the future of the Church in the area. Please find below the initial draft proposals.
North and West Cumbria Initial Draft Proposals

North West and Cumbria Working Papers and Maps
Carlisle Map
April 2007 – St. Bede’s Submit Parish Evaluation
Fr.Jim and the various parishoner groups have joined together and completed the Fit for Mission? Parish Review forms and they have been submitted. To look at St.Bede’s completed Fit for Mission? Parish Evaluation forms see below.

St.Bede’s Parish Evaluation
November 2006 – Lancaster Diocese launches Mission Review
Lancaster Diocese has launched Fit for Mission? a guide to diocesan renewal. The guide urges Catholics to reflect on the transformative power of prayer, and the spiritual promises of Christ, above all his promise to be truly present in the Eucharist. It is aimed at bringing deep renewal to the Church at both a personal, parish and diocesan level. Launched this Lent, the review will last a year. The Rt Rev Patrick O’Donoghue, Bishop of Lancaster in his message for the Feast of Christ the King on

26th November 2006 informed the priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Lancaster of his intention to launch a strategic review of the Diocese’s mission in the New Year (2007). This period of prayer, consultation and planning will begin on the 1st Sunday of Lent, 25th February and will last at least one whole year. The Fit for Mission review will aim to examine three questions: – involving a commitment to personal, parish and diocesan reform, change and conversion – all under the power of the Spirit. How does each one of us change to become the person God calls us to be? How do we change our parishes so we become the people God calls us to be? How do we change our diocese, including our buildings and structures, so we become the communion God calls us to be?

In a sentence, the purpose of this review is to enable every individual, every parish, and the whole diocese to become ‘fit for mission’ – greater participation in and developing our commitment to the continuing mission of Christ in the Church. To help us reflect on these questions ‘the Fit for Mission? – A Guide’ has been produced. This is a pastoral study and consultation document for priests, deacons, religious, lay leaders and all who are interested. In it the Bishop aims to draw everyone to the person of Christ and his teachings once again.

In this teaching document the Bishop, who has been Bishop of the Diocese for over five years, draws the parameters involved in Our Lord’s continuing mission through the life and ministry of the Church today. Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue would hope that the Guide would set people thinking and praying anew about the fundamental questions of faith and culture that are facing us as the Catholic Church in England and Wales in Lancashire (north of the Ribble) and all of Cumbria.

He aims to confirm something of the goodness and dynamism of the mission that so many in the Diocese are already engaged and immersed in through the proclamation of Word and Sacrament in our 108 parishes, in and through our Catholic primary and secondary schools, our work with the poor and marginalised, youth ministry, with families, the sick and housebound, etc Without doubt, the Bishop, who is 40 years a priest in May, is hoping to alert people to the real and demanding challenges facing us in our society and therefore in the Church as we strive to be faithful to our baptismal promises. In the ‘Fit for Mission?’ Guide, the bishop, giving the initial steer to this Diocesan-wide review, outlines the various inpediments to mission today as we plan together as a diocesan family, for a very different shape of Church – with a new set of pastoral priorities to serve our fast-changing society.
Mission Review


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