Currently all Eucharistic ministers who take Communion to the Sick and Housebound have had a DBS check carried out on them.

Similarly, all catechists for First Holy Communion and Confirmation have been checked.

Obviously, if new catechists are starting this academic year they will have to have these checks carried out before they can work with the children.

Two people are currently undertaking the DBS checks. One hopefully will be cleared by this coming weekend.

All altar servers over 18 years of age have been DBS checked. I have had meetings with all the adult servers to remind them about safeguarding issues as they are dealing with young children on a weekly basis.

The Toddler Group helpers have all been checked. I have been in touch with Mrs.Winter to remind her that any new helpers will also need to be checked.

I attended a Domestic Abuse course in Kendal on Thursday 21 September. This was a refresher course as I have already attended previous courses on the same issue. The course was very informative and provided many avenues of support if they are needed for parishioners. A display is up on the noticeboard at the back of St Bede’s Church to inform people of the different types of support available. I have also sent off for some more leaflets/ stickers.

I will also be attending a ‘Refresher Course’ provided by the Safeguarding Office which will be held on 8 November at a venue in Carlisle.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Office is recommending that one Safeguarding Officer from each parish has a dedicated mobile phone provided. I really don’t feel that this is necessary at this present time as I am happy to provide my personal mobile number on any forms etc. Also, when situations arise it is either through direct contact with me or Fr Jim – it has never been through phone contact.

Bill Mooney who has been the second parish representative is relinquishing the post as he has not got a computer and it is pretty much a requirement these days as most of the forms have to be completed online. The Diocesan Office have been informed. It will be up to them to discuss a possible replacement with Fr Jim or they may just decide to leave me as the sole representative so we will be in line with St Edmund’s. I will keep you informed as to any progress in my next report.

The Diocesan Office has also said that they would like the two parishes to run their Safeguarding separately and not combine as one parish for the foreseeable future.

I have also checked with the Diocesan Office in Preston and there is no requirement for the Parish Safeguarding Representative to be on the Parish Council as I am under the direct line management of the Diocese- Jane Robinson being my line manager.


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