The Bishop’s Visit – By Mr. John Moore.

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Wow, what a weekend. It was a joy celebrating these past 150 years in our parish with so many. Our parish priest, Father Jim, who has been here for most of these years {that’s what I was told}, looked so happy and pleased to welcome “Ma Lord” into the Church. I have only been here just over 1 of the past 150 years but I felt really at home in the celebrations. Everyone looked so happy and entered into the event.

We began with Father Jim welcoming our Bishop at the 6pm Mass on Saturday night, and joined with the Bishop, afterwards for tea & coffee in the hall. With the recent lowering of the ceiling and all the history of the past 150 years in pictures and print well displayed, the hall looked great. Many people came, from near and far, and were joined with our friends from St Edmund’s parish, it was impossible not to be impressed with the information at hand, from the past 150 years. So many people spent so much time and effort into the success of the visit, they must be congratulated.

The celebrations carried on into Sunday, with Bishop Michael presiding at the 11am Mass, with  Father Jim concelebrating. The Church was well attended with the choir, school and scouts in attendance. With the new sound system in place, we had no difficulty in hearing all that was said from the sanctuary. Both our Bishop and Father Jim seamed so happy, relaxed and on form, it was a tremendous Eucharist. After Mass Bishop Michael and Father Jim, greeted ALL as they left the church, and we proceeded to the hall.

MORE CAKE, {too many celebrations here!!!}, and we had the opportunity to speak to “our shepherd”.  I saw so many mobiles in the air,( never seen so many “auld folk” with iphones}, plenty of opportunities to have lasting memories that  will be remembered for the next 150  years.

A mention must also be given to the “booklet” celebrating 150 years. I’m sure it will be sold on Ebay in a few years time for a few quid……



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