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SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) works at the forefront of the pro-life campaign to save unborn babies and their mothers from the tragedy of abortion. Since 1967 nearly 9 million unborn babies have lost their lives under the Abortion Act.

HRHA73 30 day old human embryo

8 weeks

11 weeks

Foetus at 12 weeks old (3 months). At this stage of development (end of the first trimester) the fetus measures about 6 centimeters in length and weighs about 20 grams. At 12 weeks the placenta is fully- developed, and the foetus is able to move its arms and legs. The eyes have formed, but the eyelids remain sealed.

Human foetus in the womb. Computer artwork of a 19-week-old human foetus developing in the womb. The foetus is surrounded by the amniotic sac (top) and is connected by the umbilical cord (lower left) to its mother’s placenta (not seen) on the uterus wall. A human foetus takes around nine months to develop from an embryo to a fully-formed human baby.

Foetus. The ear and hands of a male foetus after 20 weeks development. Part of the amnion, the membrane that encloses the fluid-filled amniotic sac in the womb, is visible in the background (bluish colour top left).

I want to tell you about the abortion industry in this country. Marie Stopes International is Britain’s second largest private abortion provider. Marie Stopes clinics have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission on several occasions in the last two years. Each time they have uncovered a horrifying list of health and safety breaches. Only last October the Care Quality Commission inspected a Marie Stops clinic in Kent, where they found:-

  • Abortion staff were paid bonuses for encouraging women to go through with an abortion
  • And staff were chasing up women who had decided not to abort their baby, offering another appointment
  • Staff described the clinic as a “cattle market”

This is a terrible way to treat women who are truly being exploited by the abortion industry

Another private abortion chain is B.P.A.S. This is Britain’s biggest abortion provider, and it carries out over 80,000 abortions a year. The cheapest abortion they offer is £470 and 96% of these are paid for by the NHS out of taxpayer’s money.

B.P.A.S. is running a campaign to make all abortions available for any reason, right up to birth. This will mean more abortions and more income for B.P.A.S. They want to decriminalize abortion – in other words, to take abortion outside the law. They say this is necessary to protect vulnerable women.

We say vulnerable women need love and compassion, not abortions. We are calling our campaign against decriminalization: We Care About Women. And we offer real help to mothers and fathers to restore their lives after an abortion with our service called ARCH – Abortion, Recovery, Care, and Helpline. This is funded by the S.P.U.C. Trust.

Decriminalising abortion is the most dangerous threat to unborn babies and their mothers in decades.

Please send a message to your local M.P. (John Stevenson in Carlisle) asking him to vote against any moves in Parliament to decriminalize abortion.

S.P.U.C. desperately needs your prayers to keep going. We also rely entirely on the donations of caring people to fund our work. Please be as generous as you can to help us defeat this latest attack on unborn babies and their mothers, and to stop abortion getting even worse in this country by decriminalization. Thank you.

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